For an area that is as close to the "tropics" as Hilton Head is – – it sure has been a cool winter.  No — we cannot compare our "cold" to the northeast cold, and there is nothing here that compares to their snowy winter.  Yet, the natives think they are in the deep freeze – and our "cold" continues to be *the* topic of conversation! Usually I can see evidences of spring as early as the first week of January.  I know that sounds crazy, as that date is only two weeks or so after winter begins!  But I remember walking through the Whooping Crane Conservancy (click here to see photo post from there) in early January of last year and seeing tiny shoots of "new" green, heralding the beginning of spring.  Last year I remember daffodil buds in late January, and the tiny green shoots a few weeks prior to that.  Nothing of the sort has happened this year – and I didn’t see Daffodil buds until mid February – probably due to the colder weather.


Daffodil bud – February 10, 2010


Again — it’s all perspective.  At that point, the northeast was still inundated with snow upon snow.  And residents there would think we were in springtime. 

However — even though the weather has remained cooler than normal, and a lot more rainy, the daffodils are now in full bloom.  I’ve had some difficulty getting out there to take photos of them.  Either it was dark, cloudy and/or raining, or the flowers would move so much in the wind that most of my flower pics were blurry and off center.  Finally — yesterday was daffodil day…..  🙂

IMG_6845 IMG_6863

These are our two groupings of daffodils in different areas of our back yard


IMG_6849 IMG_6859 IMG_6872


There is something about Daffodils which reminds me that "Life Wins".  I love winter — always have — and I miss it living here.  I enjoy the crisp cold weather, bundling up in warm clothes and eating what I refer to as "winter food" – i.e. – "comfort food".  To me, snow is pretty, and I think that a "bare" tree without leaves has it’s own distinct beauty.  Yet — when the daffodils bloom, it’s the first sign that the cold and "dead" of winter is finally breaking away to new life that was lying dormant, waiting for the right time to spring forth.  As I’ve said in a previous entry, I appreciate each season as it arrives because I’ve experienced the one before.  And so — spring and the daffodils are more cherished because I have experienced winter.