I’m rather late in getting my blog posts up here, and what I’m going to write about today happened several weeks ago, but it’s worth mentioning – even though delayed.

It happened after a long, dark, rainy day – one of many that we’ve had this winter.  Ordinarily, I love rain, and the cozy feeling it gives you when it’s falling and you’re inside listening to it patter on the roof above.  It’s an excuse to do “inside things” – reading, computer work, and take life a little slower.  However, there is a limit to this enjoyment.  For one, doing errands in such weather is low on my list of fun things.  After a while, there’s a hankering to get outside and be in the fresh air without the aid of an umbrella!  Rainy day photos don’t cut it, either.

So – it was at the end of one of these days, and I was hanging out on the computer.  At some point I looked up – expecting to see more of the dreary looking day, but was shocked to see that our entire yard had this orange, pink kind of glow.  It was dramatic, and at first I thought there might be a fire not far off, which was of concern.  As I think about it now, I wonder if my complete surprise over the color was from being so color-sensory deprived over the course of that gray rainy day, and what I was seeing was so dramatically different.

I grabbed my camera and ran outside to see what was going on.  To my surprise, it was STILL RAINING!  By that point, I knew it was not a fire, as I noticed this magnificent sunset, but my mind still wasn’t thinking “rainbow”.

I snapped some pictures….

IMG_6307 IMG_6293 IMG_6304

Photos which show both the strong pink and orange colors of the sunset

IMG_6290 IMG_6303

Reflections on water.  Picture #1 is taken in the front yard from a puddle on the driveway. Picture #2 — “Upside down trees” is a reflection of the sunset on the lagoon, which we see from our backyard.

Then I realized there was a rainbow!  I wished I’d been somewhere else – like Dolphin Head Beach where there are no trees to block the view of what I realized was a complete rainbow that went from horizon to horizon.  Logic tells me that I’d never have gone there in the rain, but it sure would have been magnificent to see it in that environment  The many trees in our yard blocked the view, but I snapped what pictures I could of it:

IMG_6273 IMG_6272

1.  Rainbow taken from our front yard – colors seem more pink

2.  Rainbow taken from our back yard – colors seem more orange.  You can see the faint evidence of the double rainbow


Here’s one shown larger, and you can see the double rainbow even more clearly.

Just a reminder:  Any photo can be “clicked” and seen larger in my Flickr account.  When you get to the picture, click “all sizes” to see it any size you choose.