I’ve created a blog here, but not yet sure of it’s purpose.  I don’t even know if I’ll keep it.  The truth is, I already have a long standing blog over at Live Journal (http://sweetmeow.livejournal.com/), which I began in 2001.  However, it’s a locked journal — for "friends only".  I’m very happy over there, and have made wonderful friends.

Lately, however, I’ve had a hankering to have a public blog somewhere else, which would involve writing a bit differently knowing I would have no control who read my words.  Both the Blogger and Word Press sites seem to cater to the more mature blogger, of which I’m one, so I suspect that’s the lure to come to either of these places for public blogging.  Word Press seems to have more features, so am considering being here.  However, my long time childhood friend is on Blogger, and I’d like to make it easy for her to link to my public blog, so Blogger would make sense if I use that criteria.

So — since I can’t make a decision right now, I have the shell of a blog both here and on Blogger.  Give me time!